– A stout, a big heavy tasteful Imperial stout on 12%!
– We cannot brew with that amount of malt…
– Hmm, we can boil it down!
– Maybe double mash and boil.
– I started the boil and went to the neighbor. He had great beers and then he started the barbecue.
– Ok…
– I forgot the boil for a couple of hours…
– Where did it end?
– 14%. Now I have put it in a small barrel for a year or so.
– This is a great beer, a big heavy tasteful barrel aged Imperial Stout on Nitro! I wish you could do it again!
– Sorry. This is one of a kind!

Poco Loco

-Now it is time for an Imperial IPA! Strong and full of Tropical flavours!
– Not too strong, maybe an NEDIPA.
– No! Strong and bitter, a Triple IPA!
– That’s crazy, expensive and most people find it too strong and bitter
– And Chili to go with the Tropical!
– You are mad!
– And shimmering green!!
– You’re totally out of your mind!
– No, just a little. Just a poco loco!

Shrink Diagnose: Acerophobia

– I want to do a sour beer with lingonberries from the forest! But with something more to complement with. Do you have any suggestions?
– Meatballs are great with lingonberries!
– Maybe I bit less meaty in a sour…
– Kroppkaka!
– Moron…
– Got a better suggestion; Spruce shoots!
– Hmm… sounds interesting!
– I have picked spruce shoots in the Bjärnum wilderness!
– Wow! What an aroma!
– This is a great beer, interesting big sourness from the lingonberries and the piny, winegummy touch of forest from the spruce shoots, quite unique!

Shrink Diagnose: Ombrophobia

– We can do a beer with Mango and Raspberry. Like Brewski Mangohallonfeber.
– Yeah! That’s a great beer!
– But sour instead..
– Sounds good!
– And with Passion! Lots of passion fruit!
– Hmm, then it will not be like Mangohallonfeber at all.
– No but much better, I cannot understand how they could miss that!
– Hmm, ok some passion then.
– This turned out really good! First some Mango and raspberries, then a tweak with sourness up the ears and a great passion twist!